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Dr Jeremías



A scientific approach to
clinical and surgical ophthalmology
Headshot Dr Jeremías Galletti MD PhD


I'm an ophthalmologist with a solid background in basic research, thus I apply a scientific approach with the latest developments when diagnosing and treating my patients. I also run a research group at the Institute of Experimental Medicine (National Scientific and Technical Research Council) of the National Academy of Medicine of Buenos Aires, focused on the immunology of ocular disease. In the office and the operating room, I specialize in vitreoretinal diseases, but I also receive and treat patients with other ocular health issues, such as ocular surface and corneal disorders, cataracts, glaucoma, and neuro-ophthalmological symptoms.


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Fee: $1500

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During the first visit, the doctor takes a full medical history and performs a comprehensive ophthalmological examination. The patient should bring all previous tests and reports in order to expedite the process and avoid unnecessary delays.

Cirugía de catarata (facoemulsificación)


Prior consultation

is required

Cataract surgery involves the removal of the cataract (opacified cristalline lens) through a microincision and the use of ultrasound to liquefy the hardened lens, followed by the implant of an intraocular lens for visual recovery. There are lenses that can also correct astigmatism and provide far and near vision without glasses (multifocal).

Cirugía vitreorretinal (vitrectomía microincisional)



Prior consultation

is required

Vitrectomy is an advanced technique that allows the surgeon to treat retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, macular holes and epimacular membranes, among other vitreoretinal disorders. The procedure is tailored to each case depending on the disease being treated.


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Voted one of top 15 ophthalmologists in Argentina for 4 years in a row!


Voted one of
top 3 ophthalmologists in Argentina in 2020 by patients and colleagues 

Doctoralia Awards 2019 - mejores oftalmólogos de Argentina

Voted one of
top 15 ophthalmologists in Argentina in 2019 by patients and colleagues 

Doctoralia Awards 2018 - mejor oftalmólogo de Argentina

Voted top ophthalmologist in Argentina in 2018 by patients and colleagues 

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Voted one of

top 3 ophthalmologists in Argentina in 2017 by patients and colleagues 

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